Creating an e-book

In computing we have been learning to create an e-book. We now have added pictures, text, animation and sound.

World Book Day 2019



I was incredibly privileged to teach in Meerkats today and to see their incredible hats! I was so impressed by their efforts I simply could not choose and had to hand out extra treats! I pleaded to pick more than one winner but sadly I couldn’t, I loved so many. I was even lucky enough to try some on. Thank you for a lovely day Meerkats and we’ll done with your hats.

Man in the Moon.

Our new book is Man on the Moon. Today we freeze framed some pages from the book.  Can’t you match the pictures to the freeze frames?

Our Local Area

Our new topic this term is ‘Our Local Area’. We are reading the story of the Jolly Postman. We even received a letter from him this week! In reply to his letter we would like to ask the Jolly Postman questions about his job. Here we are as the Jolly Postman asking and answering questions.

Freeze Frames

On Friday we created freeze frames of the characters in ‘Traction Man is Here!’ In groups of four, we chose from a variety of pictures from the story and stood as statues to represent the picture. We had to think carefully about how the characters were standing or sitting and what feelings they were displaying.